Librarian Wardrobe

Not always buns and sensible shoes, librarians at various types of libraries have different styles (and dress codes). Check it out here or submit your own.


Much thanks to Marie Reist, librarian at a public library in Oklahoma, for taking these pictures of attendees! She tumbls at and can be found on twitter

First row: (left to right) Karen, assistant to library director, public
library, Texas; Christina, Youth Services Librarian, public library, Texas.

Second row: (left to right): Rosie, high school Librarian, school
library, Texas; Tanya, library assistant, high school library, Texas;
(left to right): Holly, MLIS student and graduate assistant, Texas; Nora Ohnishi, MLIS student, Texas; Sarah, MLIS student, Texas.

Third row: JoAnn Conlon,  Director of Innovative Media Resource
Systems at Spring Branch ISD, Houston, TX. Robert Young, Public
Services Librarian, public library, Texas;

Fourth row: Debora, Librarian, public library, Texas.

Fifth row: Lynn Head, Librarian, middle school library, Texas; Cody, Dean of Library Services, academic library, Texas.

Sixth row: Karen Yarbrough, job seeking Librarian, Texas.

Thank you to Dale McNeil for these photos!


  • Director, Public Library, Providence, Rhode Island 
  • Vendor, Miami, Florida 
  • Associate University Librarian, Academic Library, St. Louis, Missouri


  • Director, Public Library, West Bloomfield, Michigan 
  • Retired Assistant Director, Public Library, Baltimore, Maryland


  • Head Librarian, Academic Library, Santa Clarita, CA


  • Student, Public or Academic Library, New York, NY


  • Literary professional (vendor), New York, New York


  • Coordinator, Corporation/vendor, Norwalk, Connecticut


Thanks to Sharon McKellar for this pictures from #ALAMW14!
From left to right: 
Starr LaTronica
Made many of these clothes herself, including the awesome skirt I got a close-up of.
ALSC President and Youth Services/Outreach Manager - Four County Library System - Vestal, NY 

Lorie Ann Grover

Author, (I love her hat and shoes.)- Grand Rapids, MI

Mel Gooch and Sharon McKellar
One day we wore the same shirt with bears in a pink forest, and decided I should submit it.
Mel - Branch Manager, San Francisco Public Library - San Francisco, CA
Sharon - Community Relations Librarian, Oakland Public LIbrary - Oakland, CA
Miriam Medow
Children’s Librarian, Oakland Public Library - Oakland, CA
Shannon Peterson and Sarah Levin
Dueling Cat Dresses
Shannon - YALSA President and Youth Services Coordinator- Kitsap Regional Library - Kitsap County, WA
Sarah - School Librarian, Urban School of San Francisco - San Francisco, CA

Danielle Jones

Youth Librarian, Multnomah County Library - Portland, OR

Jack Martin

Executive Director, Providence Public Library - Providence, RI

Librarian Wardrobe Photographers at #ALAMW2014

Keep an eye out for these ladies and gentleman in Philadelphia, they will be asking to take your picture for Librarian Wardrobe. They will also have LW buttons to confirm they are photographers for the blog.

Bios follow with some information about what catches their eye. If asked to have your picture taken, and you agree, they will need some information: your position title or student/other status, type of library/museum/archive/etc, and location (state if in the USA, or country if outside).

Jeremiah Paschke-Wood


He is a new instructional services librarian at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. He graduated with his Master’s in Library Science from the University of Arizona in Spring 2013. In his free time, he enjoys playing music, reading, writing and watching Miyazaki movies with his 2-year-old daughter. He looks forward to taking photos of all of you, so make sure your top hats are jaunty and your shoes shined.

Sharon McKellar


Sharon is the Community Relations Librarian for the Oakland Public Library in California where she confuses her colleagues (along with her husband & cat) by drastically changing her hair every few months.  An excited member of the 2015 Caldecott Committee and a master of layering, she will be on the lookout for the best patterns and most awesome shoes at Midwinter in Philly.    Bonus points for messy hair, adorable tights, great glasses and handmade or vintage items.  She promises to not be *too* awkward while taking your picture.  If you don’t get to meet her in person, you can find all of her snark on Twitter where she is @sharon.  

Brian Leaf


Brian Leaf is the Instructional Design Librarian at the Ohio State University, where he is all about evidence-based learning and digital storytelling. Early mornings during conferences, he can typically be found exploring the city in blue tennis shoes. Fashion statement? Or just sensible for walking around? Hard to say. But as a fan of movies like “Mad Max” and “The Book of Eli”, he’ll be on the lookout for doomsday chic. Dusters, tight leather jackets, and steel-toed boots are must-haves for surviving the wasteland and promoting information literacy.

Dana Skwirut


Dana is a Youth Services librarian in central New Jersey. She is active in the Tumblarian community and on Twitter, where her sass got her featured in School Library Journal. When she isn’t in Ice Cream story time, she is seeing the world, one tiny road trip at a time. You can find her on the internet at

JP Porcaro


New Jersey City University (NJCU) Acquisitions & Technological Discovery librarian. Senior Advisor to the EveryLibrary Political Action Committee. NJ’s ALA Council chapter councilor. NJLA Executive Board member. Professional partier. Library Journal Mover & Shaker ‘12 . ALA Emerging Leader ‘10. NJ Library Legend:

Marc Meola


Marc Meola lives in Philadelphia and is Humanities Librarian at The College of New Jersey. 

"Everyone sees how you appear, few touch what you are.

Dale McNeill

Dale McNeill will be wearing a bow tie. He’s been working in public libraries for the whole 32 years he’s been an ALA member and is currently an assistant director in a Texas library.

See you all next week! If you happen to see Ingrid or Annie, say hi! 

Barnard Library College Archivist Shannon O’Neill & Digital Archivist Martha Tenney wear blankets at work in the Archives. Academic libraryNew York, NY (yo) View high resolution

Barnard Library College Archivist Shannon O’Neill & Digital Archivist Martha Tenney wear blankets at work in the Archives

Academic library
New York, NY (yo)

  • Today, my super stylish coworker is wearing pink satin pajamas. Don't judge. She looks amazing. What do you wear to work when you want to be super comfortable? ~~Ingrid


  • Clairee Belcher of Steel Magnolias said, "The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize." What's the most practical accessory a librarian can have?

Our new LW admins! 

So excited to have Rebecca, Ingrid, and Annie as admins for Librarian Wardrobe! We received a lot of interest in the positions and it was heartening to see so many librarians wanting to be involved in this project. Your applications are appreciated and sorry I can’t personally email each of you. 

Main reasons why our admins were selected include: clearly showing alignment with the purpose of LW, being explicit about an interest in diversity in the profession and documenting/promoting that through LW, and their technology and social media skills have proven successful in previous collaborations as well.

These ladies will be taking over the majority of approving submissions and posting them, sharing content on Twitter, and also starting a new Facebook page for LW. You will see polls again like we had done before and just generally more interaction. They also will be in charge of organizing photographers for conferences. We will try to get a form up on the side that’s more permanent since we have been getting requests for photographers at library conferences beyond ALA. Thanks to their help, I will be able to focus more on the forthcoming LW book to be published by ACRL Press in 2014!

A little about the admins:

Rebecca Halpern is the librarian for the online MSW program at the University of Southern California. As a bike commuter, she plays with the intersection of personal style and practicality.  Rebecca enjoys outwear, bags, shoes, and snazzy bike helmets. She tweets @beccakatharine.

Ingrid Abrams is a Youth Services librarian in Brooklyn. She blogs at The Magpie Librarian ( and is a co-founder of Libraries Changed My Life ( She’s a member of the GLBT Round Table’s Rainbow List Committee, a 2012 Emerging Leader, and the glitteriest librarian on the East Coast.

Annie Pho is an an academic resident librarian at University of Illinois at Chicago where she works in reference and instruction. She tweets as @catladylib and writes every now and then on her blog. She’s into riding bikes, art, web stuff, and cats. In terms of fashion, it’s all about the fine line between comfort, style, and function. She also interested in all the radical ways librarians continue to challenge the public’s perception of what librarianship is. 

Teen Services Manager
Public Library

*We are back! And have a bunch of posts in the queue to publish, new admins to introduce, and more content on the way. Stay tuned… View high resolution

Teen Services Manager

Public Library


*We are back! And have a bunch of posts in the queue to publish, new admins to introduce, and more content on the way. Stay tuned…

Promoting LW author surveys for chapter research

Ok we are back for one quick second just to promote a couple surveys our authors are administering for the Librarian Wardrobe book on perceptions of librarians. You might have seen some others floating around recently as well. This book will be published by ACRL Press and is expected to be available late spring of 2014. Please help our chapter authors out and take these surveys if you qualify!

Academic Librarians of Color Research Survey

Are you a librarian of color? Do you work in an academic library in the United States? If so, please add your voice by filling out a questionnaire for a study on the self-perceptions of professional and racial identity of academic librarians of color. [Read more information at ACRL Insider:]

Take the survey here:

Academic Librarian Work Wardrobe

What do you wear to work? Why? Please take this survey about your personal style or the dress code implemented at your workplace. There are also a few questions related to the pop culture librarian stereotype. The authors are interested in conducting a study to assess if there is a connection between librarian wardrobe and student perceptions of service quality. Results expected to be published in a forthcoming book. Thank you!

Take the survey here:


Librarians and Tattoos

Take this survey if you are any type of librarian and have tattoos.