Librarian Wardrobe

Not always buns and sensible shoes, librarians at various types of libraries have different styles (and dress codes). Check it out here or submit your own.


#ala12 LW Conversation Starter Recap

Our conversation starter from ALA 2012 was a great success! There were about 80 in attendance; we had a packed room with many standing or sitting on the floor.

We had a great discussion on style and stereotypes, and if they even matter. Each panelist brought a unique perspective to the discussion, we had tight moderation, and those participating from the audience had good insight as well. If only we would have had more time! We did have someone taking notes, so those will be added in to this post once I receive them.

Check out some of the discussion on Twitter, #lwconvo. We hope to keep the conversation going, and plan to organize something else in the future, whether it be virtual or another in-person session. And if you have more photos, please post in a photo reply to this entry.

(Photo credits to Young Lee and Erica Findley, thanks!)

#ala12 Walkoff Recap

First, apologies to those who wound up not being able to get into the After Hours party on Saturday night of #ala12. The venue promised 250 librarians in, but after just 50, they started charging $10 at the door. There was much arguing and frustration, and in the end there was nothing we could do. In fact, I had a ton of trouble just getting in to my own event. The rumors were true, Warren G and Snoop were there for an album release party too, and something to the effect of their promoter(s) and venue bouncers getting in a fist fight over what the venue was pulling actually did happen.

Second, yes the event was a success otherwise, all categories were awarded. We were not really able to have the walkoff since the venue was not so accommodating there either, and it was nearly impossible to get a microphone for JP to Emcee. We hope to do this again another time but hopefully with better luck. Huge thanks to John Chrastka for organizing, JP Porcaro for emceeing, Lauren Comito for making the amazing sashes the winners received, the judges for judging, and everyone who attended and/or was unfortunately turned away at the door (so sorry about that, again, we really did not know!).

Some pictures! (Credits to Tina Marie Vella and Ingrid Abrams. Also see Ingrid’s recap here.)

We’re missing some photos from the event, so if you have any more that you took, please do a photo reply!

Librarian Wardrobe Photographers for #ala12

Keep an eye out for these ladies and gentleman in Anaheim, they will be asking to take your picture for Librarian Wardrobe. They will also have LW laminated badges to confirm they are photographers for the blog.

Bios follow with some information about what catches their eye. If asked to have your picture taken, and you agree, they will need some information: your position title or student/other status, type of library/museum/archive/etc, and location (state if in the USA, or country if outside).

Here we go in reverse alpha-order. See you next week!

Miriam Rigby

Miriam Rigby has been a Social Sciences Librarian at the University of Oregon for almost 4 years.  She enjoys fashion/trend spotting from behind the reference desk and interpreting people’s presentation(s)-of-self through an anthropological lens. Her own style is equal parts eclectic and lazy, but she likes to think she’s regularly more quirky than frumpy!

While photographing for LW, she’s looking for people with personalized style who project confidence, though she’s also easily distracted by shiny things. (Miriam will also be Moderator for the Librarian Wardrobe Conversation Starter session, Style and Stereotypes: Perceptions of Librarians.)

Annie Pho

Annie Pho recently graduated from Indiana University-Indianapolis School of Library and Information Science. She currently works as a reference and instruction librarian at a community college. Her interests are in academic librarianship, information literacy, digital preservation of culture, and contemplating how we relate to the world around us. She is a managing editor for the HackLibSchool blog, and tweets as @catladylib. Looking to snap pictures of people wearing grandma/grandpa-esque clothes, the color purple, cat-themed sweaters, or all around awesome style.

Cynthia Mari Orozco

Cynthia is the Librarian-in-Residence at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles and postgrad library student in Archival Studies at UCLA. The last time ALA was in town, she was a restaurant server in Anaheim and fell in love with the fun, stylish librarians who graced her presence. This may have had some impact on her decision to go to library school! Four years and one MLIS later, she’s happy to return to Anaheim as a new librarian, documenting the diverse styles that we’ll be sure to see throughout the conference. (Cynthia also took photos for us at Midwinter and we’re excited to have her as a photographer again!)

Lauren Comito

Lauren Comito is an Outreach Librarian at Queens Library. She graduated with honors from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2002, but NOT with a degree in fashion.  These days you can often find her hunched over her sewing machine making pencil skirts. (Lauren is a regular LW Contributor and will also be judging in the After Hours + LW Party with the Best-Dressed and Walkoff Contest.)

Andrew Carlos

Andrew is the incoming STEM/WEB librarian at CSU East Bay, where he hopes to nerd it out with both the library staff and the STEM departments. His sense of style is as eclectic as his interests, which includes (amateur) programming, urban planning, and sociology. His most recent fashion obsession? Bags, especially finding the perfect work bag. At ALA Annual, he’ll be keeping an eye out for throwbacks to earlier fashion styles and maybe brave souls willing to wearing clashing fabrics in the name of being unique.

Lauren Bradley

Lauren is the systems librarian at the Center for Jewish History in New York City.  She serves as an ALA committee intern for the Public and Cultural Programming Advisory Committee and an active member of the NYC librarian social scene.  Her style has a distinct retro flair, favoring pin-up style hair, 50s reproduction clothing, and over-sized costume jewelry. Betsey Johnson is her favorite designer. Follow her: @BibliosaurusRex. At ALA, she is hoping to photograph some unique pieces and bright summer colors. Fabulous accessories are always appreciated! Catch her at the conference here. (Lauren took photos for us at Midwinter as well and we’re stoked she’s back!)