Librarian Wardrobe

Not always buns and sensible shoes, librarians at various types of libraries have different styles (and dress codes). Check it out here or submit your own.


Much thanks to Marie Reist, librarian at a public library in Oklahoma, for taking these pictures of attendees! She tumbls at and can be found on twitter

First row: (left to right) Karen, assistant to library director, public
library, Texas; Christina, Youth Services Librarian, public library, Texas.

Second row: (left to right): Rosie, high school Librarian, school
library, Texas; Tanya, library assistant, high school library, Texas;
(left to right): Holly, MLIS student and graduate assistant, Texas; Nora Ohnishi, MLIS student, Texas; Sarah, MLIS student, Texas.

Third row: JoAnn Conlon,  Director of Innovative Media Resource
Systems at Spring Branch ISD, Houston, TX. Robert Young, Public
Services Librarian, public library, Texas;

Fourth row: Debora, Librarian, public library, Texas.

Fifth row: Lynn Head, Librarian, middle school library, Texas; Cody, Dean of Library Services, academic library, Texas.

Sixth row: Karen Yarbrough, job seeking Librarian, Texas.

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