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LW 2014 Valentine’s Day Edition! <3


We want to continue featuring some crush-worthy librarians on Librarian Wardrobe for Valentine’s Day (this is the third year!). We also want to leave who is crush-worthy up to you though, so we need your nominations again. This doesn’t have to be a romantic crush, it could just be someone you admire professionally. Someone who is doing really interesting things, or someone you wouldn’t mind reading some Byron with. Either way.

Rules: Anyone nominated has to be in the library and information science (LIS) profession, and all nominations must come from others in LIS. Nominations from moms, significant others, cats… it’s nice and all but also gets automatically disqualified (well, maybe all except for nominations from cats).

You *must* explain why you are crushing on this person or your nomination will be ignored. Please only nominate a person once, but you can make multiple nominations for different individuals. All nominations are anonymous (unless you want to include your name, but you do not have to), so don’t hold back! And sorry to 2012 and 2013 winners, but previous crushes cannot win again this year, keepin it fresh.

After all nominations have been collected and reviewed, we will contact the winners to coordinate an interview. Crushes will be announced on Valentine’s Day (Friday, February 14th, 2014).

Let the lovefest commence! **This form will close on Friday night, February 7th, at your bedtime.


*Special thanks to Casey Goodrow (@caseygoodrow on Twitter) for the awesome Twin Peaks themed LW GIF.  

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  6. openmindedlibrarian said: Not sure if she’s won in past years or not, but Tess G. of SMCPL is awesome. She dresses like Katy Perry, if Katy Perry was a librarian. Every. Single. Day. Also, she loves LGBTQ YA books as much as I do, and I’m so jealous/proud/smitten by her because of her amazing…
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