Librarian Wardrobe

Not always buns and sensible shoes, librarians at various types of libraries have different styles (and dress codes). Check it out here or submit your own.


C2E2 was a blast! There were so many creative costumes and outfits from all the conference attendees. It was hard to capture the variety in just one day, so if you were in attendance, please feel free to submit your photos!

1. The Prisoner aka Tina Coleman, membership specialist at ALA, Chicago IL. The only thing missing from this photo is that pesky Rover, which might be a good thing.  

2. Alyne: library school student, reference assistant, and graphic novel expert at University of Illinois at Chicago.

3. A librarian super couple! Daena and Ben, academic librarian and technology manager in Chicago, IL.

4. Rob Dumas, reference librarian and coder extraordinaire at Chicago Public Library.

5. Me (Annie Pho), wearing a Party Cat t-shirt! Academic librarian at University of Illinois Chicago.

(Thanks for taking pictures, @catladylib!)

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