Librarian Wardrobe

Not always buns and sensible shoes, librarians at various types of libraries have different styles (and dress codes). Check it out here or submit your own.


LW Photographers at #alamw13 Seattle

Keep an eye out for the Librarian Wardrobe Photographers in Seattle, they will be asking to take your picture. They will also have laminated badges to confirm they are photographers for the blog.

Also don’t forget about the LW + EveryLibrary Afterhours Party on 1/26 (Saturday), 10pm — all event details here. Some of the photographers will be at the party to get pictures there as well.

Bios follow with some information about what catches their eye. If asked to have your picture taken, and you agree, they will need some information: your position title or student/other status, type of library/museum/archive/etc, and location (state if in the USA, or country if outside).

Here we go in alpha order. See you next week!

Angela Barratt


Angela Barratt will be graduating with her MSIS from the University of Texas School of Information in May, and is flinging her résumé far and wide in hopes of a position as a children’s or teen services librarian in a public library in a large city somewhere. She is currently an intern at Austin Public Library, and dreams of one day serving on the Caldecott committee. She would like to describe her fashion sense as “shabby chic,” but is afraid that the shabby often outweighs the chic.

When photographing, she’ll be looking for natural lighting.  She’s a fan of unique pieces that draw the eye but don’t intimidate.  She also loves interesting hair styles. 

Sonia Bautista


Sonia Bautista is currently the Acting Senior Librarian at the City of Commerce Public Library. She graduated from San Jose State and her first librarian job was at Commerce Library as a Teen Librarian 5 years ago. Her first job ever was at a library at age 16 and she has not left the library world ever since. She is the past president of the REFORMA LA Chapter and the currently she is the Treasurer. Sonia will be in the hunt looking for librarians who are not afraid to show some skin while keeping it classy.

Celia C. Perez


Celia C. Perez is a community college librarian / department chairperson in Chicago. She writes about Latinos in children’s and YA books on her blog All Brown All Around ( and is beyond the moon to be serving on the 2014 Pura Belpré Award committee. In addition to being a librarian and a mom, she makes zines, works on her novel, crosses things off her list (, and photographs unattractive boots. Her favorite male writer is Sherman Alexie (duh), and her favorite sock company is Sweet Marcel. At ALA Midwinter she will be on the look out for unique socks, spectacular boots, beautiful tattoos and Sherman Alexie. She may also ask if your collar is detachable.

Miriam Rigby


Miriam is a Social Sciences Librarian at the University of Oregon. Her background is in cultural anthropology and she applies this through her active involvement with the Anthropology & Sociology Section of ACRL, as well as in day to day live, observing people and fashion from behind the reference desk. She’s hardly fashionable, but she has some style, and that’s what she’ll be seeking out as a photographer. You’ll get her attention with confidence and shiny things.

Rebecca Zarazan Dunn


Rebecca Zarazan Dunn is a Youth Services Library Assistant at the Lawrence Public Library in Lawrence, Kansas. Her blog home is Sturdy for Common Things and her favorite librarian accessory is a book, naturally.

At ALA MW she’ll be looking for classic librarian wear, bold hues, and unique personal styles.

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