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Not always buns and sensible shoes, librarians at various types of libraries have different styles (and dress codes). Check it out here or submit your own.


Out-in-front: Reference & Outreach Librarian

Here we are at Day 6 with Jaime Hammond wrapping up the special edition posts! And keep an eye out tomorrow for a post featuring photographers for Librarian Wardrobe at Midwinter.

Librarian Wardrobe: Tell us briefly about your position and what you do. Have you always been in similar positions during your library career? If not, what other areas have you been in?

Jaime Hammond: I’m a reference and outreach librarian at a community college. Before this, I was a technical services library assistant in a public library, so I’m definitely not married to any one kind of librarianship. I’ve also had about 100 other kinds of jobs, including travel agent, video store employee, waitress, substitute teacher, and once I filed for a urologist’s office.

LW: Describe your style. Have any favorite colors or pieces?

JH: My style is definitely a little wacky. Usually my outfits have themes, at least in my head- themes like ‘real housewives’ or ‘old man golfer style.’ People sometimes say to me “only you could get away with wearing that” and that’s my favorite compliment. I go through phases, but right now my favorite colors to wear are brown and grey, but I try to wear something bright with them. My favorite color not to wear is white.

LW: How do you accessorize? Do you gravitate toward a certain kind(s) of accessories, like jewelry, scarves, facial hair?

JH: I definitely love accessories- I think they make your clothes an outfit. I like really big, funky jewelry and I’m kind of into scarves. Necklaces and earrings are my favorite- especially ones with feathers.

LW: What are you most excited about for #alamw12? Is there a program or event you are really looking forward to?

JH: I’m most excited to hear David Lankes’ presentation about transforming librarianship. I’m also really hoping to score some brightly colored cowboy boots.

LW: What will you most likely wear to this event? You’re obviously not committed to wearing whatever you say you’ll wear, but just give us an idea. And why do you think you’d choose this outfit for this situation?

JH: Since this is a daytime event, I might wear something like a tshirt with a blazer and pants. I recently found a box of favorite clothes from high school I had stored away, so I’ve been wearing my Nirvana tshirt a lot.

LW: If you were forced to burglarize another librarian’s house, steal all his/her clothes and wear them for eternity, who would you pick? And why? (Obviously this is likely to happen, so it’s good to plan ahead.)

JH: I’d definitely say Nicole, not just because she asked me to do this, but because I love her style. But honestly, all my librarian friends have insane style, that’s why I’m friends with them! (Also because they are amazing, inspirational people.)

LW: Have any final thoughts for libraryland?

JH: I always try to dress as much like a rock star as I can possibly pull off at 6:30 in the morning. Then for the rest of the day, I feel like a rock star. It gives me confidence, invites conversation with students, and gets me out of weeding the bottom shelves. Triple win.

Jaime Hammond is a reference and outreach librarian at Naugatuck Valley Community College. She always wanted to work for a fashion magazine, so this is rad. She was also a 2011 Mover and Shaker and a 2009 ALA Emerging Leader. She blogs at

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